Who We Are


We seek to raise awareness about endometriosis through the following platforms:


  • One of our goals is to have endometriosis screenings and checklists implemented in Virginia schools. Early detection means early intervention and protected fertility.
  • We want to host Reproductive Health Workshops that answer questions and provide facts from endometriosis specialists and gynecologists.


  • Throughout the year, we want to host walk-a-thons, races, and other events to help raise awareness for the entire family.
  • Monthly support groups for women battling dependency on prescription medications, and addiction to other forms of treatment regarding endometriosis is vital. We would like to implement a bridge program and assist women with getting treatment if needed.


  • Provide counseling and support for couples dealing with not only endometriosis but also infertility, is very important to us.
  • Coming soon, we will begin the “Yellow Hotline”, a help line for women to get the support and encouragement they need 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


  • Every March we host “Endo Days on the Hill” and “Endo Days at the State Capitol” where we meet with state and national officials about support and endometriosis awareness. Legislative Awareness Day is a planned annual event since 2013.
  • At other times throughout the year, we hold meetings and events with local officials. Stay tuned for more exciting plans regarding endometriosis events!


  • We are constantly raising awareness on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We have monthly social media campaigns and challenges. #VirginiaHope