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Virginia HOPE is an uplifting place where we can learn and grow together.  We want women to discover parts of themselves they never knew existed or that they never cultivated. We want to help women achieve success in their daily lives, whether it’s finding the right doctors, right medications, support or discovering their dreams!

Most importantly, we want to help women and their families pick up the pieces and move forward in their healing journey.  This is a family disease even though the focus may be on the woman.

As women affected by endometriosis, we understand the need to be heard and validated! We need your help to make this happen. If you have a passion for not only spreading awareness of endometriosis, helping find a cure, and want to help provide support for others like we do, please fill out the volunteer form below! We are looking for help in the following areas:

Social Media Awareness

We hold monthly social media awareness campaigns and we need Endo Warriors who can help us raise awareness through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Throughout the year, we will have events to raise money for endometriosis awareness and education. Keep checking back for more details and dates.

Community Involvement

Everyone can be a voice in his or her own community. Virginia HOPE needs leaders throughout the entire state who can reach out to doctors, local legislators, and others around them to help raise awareness as well as find a cure!

Support group leaders by area

Virginia is a huge state, so we are always looking for people who are willing to conduct local support groups in their area such as Fredericksburg, Alexandria, Charlottesville, Roanoke, Staunton, Woodbridge, and Farifax. If you are interested in having a support team in these or other areas, please let us know.

Operation HOPE Ambassadors

As this program continues to grow, we will need women to go into schools throughout their communities across the state and educate young girls about endometriosis. *Training will be provided and is mandatory for participation! You will be provided with the materials and education needed to become an Operation HOPE Ambassador!

Volunteer Application Form