2020 Virtual EndoMarch Details

Can’t make it to the EndoMarch in DC? Join thousands of Endo Activists as a Virtual EndoMarcher from wherever you are on #EndoMarchDay2020 taking place Saturday, March 28, 2020!

The 7th Annual Worldwide Endometriosis March (EndoMarch) is taking place in dozens of cities around the world on Saturday, March 28, 2020. If you cannot make one of the live events, you can still participate as a Virtual EndoMarcher.


By registering, you’ll be eligible for giveaways, your own personalized runner’s bib for download, and a chance to be interviewed as a Virtual Guest Speaker, all without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

Whether you’re organizing your own home-based Virtual EndoMarch awareness party or sharing Endo Awareness selfies online, all are welcome and encouraged to be a part of this amazing march.

Tag Worldwide EndoMarch on Instagram at @wwendomarch or on Facebook at @Worldwide EndoMarch, Inc., with your live stream messages or selfies holding up your awareness signs, so that we can give you a live shout out during the EndoMarch events . Tell the world your story and why you think it’s urgent that endometriosis health care reforms are enacted now!


You can also join the Virtual EndoMarch Facebook Group to stay in touch with Virtual EndoMarch teams and participants from around the world, or follow Worldwide EndoMarch on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or at endomarchnews.org.